About Eastern Fish

Eastern Fish Business Ethics

We Work Hard to Earn Your Trust

As a family run and operated company, Eastern Fish is committed to growing your business by delivering consistency, reliability and value through an attractive variety of the freshest, premium quality products. We support this with ethical business practices and knowledgeable, friendly and professional customer service.

Eastern's reputation for integrity, trust and expertise is simply unmatched.

Our customer relationships are so strong many of them allow us to buy on their behalf and manage their inventory. That requires a supreme degree of confidence in our integrity, ability and ethics.

Growing Your Business is How We Grow Ours

Eastern Fish grows its business - and yours - by delivering an attractive variety of premium quality products. We also deliver consistency, reliability, freshness, value and a global sourcing capability. We are tuned into the global market on a daily basis.

Our marketing strategy is simple. We listen to our customers.

Because we listen, we learn what you need to grow your business. Based upon what we learn, we create marketing programs, applications, solutions and opportunities that help you grow your business. Our suppliers listen as well. We align ourselves only with those resources willing to conform to our business practices, such as ensuring an Eastern Fish employee or certified inspector utilizing Eastern Fish quality control methods monitors each shipment...and that count, weight and country of origin information is accurate as stated.

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