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Controlling Quality and Safety

International governments and associations require the seafood industry to maintain certain product quality standards. Because food safety is our number one priority, Eastern's quality standards are even more stringent. We insist:

  • an Eastern employee or certified inspector - utilizing our quality control methods - monitors every shipment to ensure our product specifications are followed
  • all Eastern product is inspected both on-line and prior to export and inspection reports are available for all exported shipments
  • every plant must meet our strict quality control protocols and procedures before it can even become an Eastern partner
  • all plants are HACCP compliant and audited on a yearly basis
  • all suppliers are registered with the FDA
  • all freshly harvested product is tested at farm level for antibiotics prior to harvesting and re-tested at the plant
  • antibiotics or antibiotic medicines are not used at any stage of the farming or supply process
  • finished product from China is tested at plant level and by government inspectors prior to release for export
  • no matter where on the planet our product comes from it must all meet the same strict standards and specifications
  • all product is totally traceable from farm to packaging

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