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Lobster Tails Wrapped in Pig Skin

Courtesy of New Brunswick Department of Agriculture, Aquaculture & Fisheries

Yields: 4 lobster tails

4 Lobster Tails (3-4oz each), completely thawed
4 Apple wood smoked Bacon Strips
4 tsp Hickory smoke BBQ Sauce
4 wooden skewers, soaked in water for 20 minutes

1. Partially cook apple wood smoked bacon in a skillet. Set aside
2. Using kitchen scissors, split each lobster tail shell lengthwise, on the top and the belly side, all the way up to the fan of each tail
3. Keep the shell on the lower section of each lobster tail fin and discard the rest
4. Gently make a shallow lengthwise slit on the underside of the tail meat
5. Add 1 tsp of Hickory smoke BBQ sauce in the center of each slit
6. Wrap one strip of partially cooked bacon around each lobster tail
7. Starting right underneath each lobster tail fan, insert a wooden skewer lengthwise through the center of the meat to the other end
8. Place lobster tails on foil paper or baking sheet and set directly on the grill
9. Grill at 400°F and cook for 10 to 12 minutes

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