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Coquilles St. Jacques

Courtesy of Chef Seylan Karakas

Coquilles St. Jacques

Number of Servings: 6
Prep Time: 45 minutes

6 buttered scallop shells or oven proof ramekins
1 lb raw large Sail® Brand Scallops, rinsed
8 ounces button mushrooms, sliced 1/4"
2 large shallots
1/2 Cup dry white wine
1/2 Cup water
1 tsp. salt
4 Tablespoons butter, divided
1 bay leaf
1 cup half and half
Zest of 1/2 lemon
1 1/2 Tablespoon fresh parsley, minced
1 Tablespoon flour
1 cup Gruyere cheese, grated
Salt and pepper to taste
Minced fresh parsley for garnish

1. Melt 2 Tablespoons of butter in large saucepan.
2. Add shallots and mushrooms and saute for 3 minutes.
3. Add wine, water, bay leaf, salt and bring to a simmer.
4. Add scallops and cook for 2 minutes. Reserve.
5. Melt remaining butter in medium size saucepan, add flour to make rue then add half and half and lemon zest.
6. Cook until thick then add scallop mixture parsley and adjust salt and pepper. Stir well.
7. Divide mixture into shells/ramekins and top with cheese. Broil under a broiler until cheese is melted and slightly browned.
8. Top with parsley and serve warm.

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