King Crab

King Crab

  • Premium quality King Crab Legs and Claws
  • Available as whole legs, split legs, window pane

Red, Brown


Size Available:
6/9, 9/12, 12/14, 14/17, 16/20, 20/24, 20/up

Country of Origin:
Russia, USA

Eastern is one of the world's largest suppliers of both wild and farm-raised shrimp, bay and sea scallops, king and snow crab, lobster and lobster tails, squid, and finfish such as Tilapia.
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Chef's Corner

Eastern SAIL Brand : Shrimp

SAIL branded product can today come from any of more than 13 locations around the globe depending upon the time of year. What remains the same is the integrity behind the brand and the consistency of its quality.

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