Join Us at Booth 253 for the Seafood Expo North America 2020!

Join Us at Booth 253 for the Seafood Expo North America 2020!

This year’s annual Seafood Expo North America 2020 is taking place March 15-17 in Boston at the Boston Convention and Exhibition Center. Eastern Fish is proud to be taking part in the largest seafood trade expo in North America again this year. 

Event Details

The conference is anticipating over 1,300 exhibiting suppliers from 49 countries under one roof to give North America’s professional seafood buyers face-to-face access and a one-stop-shop for everything seafood. This is the perfect time to come meet with suppliers like Eastern Fish, so come visit us at Booth 253! 

The expo is filled with exciting demos and panels covering relevant industry topics like new regulations, innovative ideas, and upcoming trends. 

Conference Agenda Highlights

This year’s conference hosts a wide range of exciting topics including sessions from Mark Didomenico of Datassential, who will explore seafood trends in North America’s changing environment and Steve Lutz of Category Partners, who will dive into what’s in store for retail seafood. 

Multiple panels will be hosted, including one on March 15 addressing the issue of American seafood consumption being at an all-time low and another on March 16 on how to build lifelong seafood consumers. 

There will also be exciting presentations, like the one on March 16 on deep-diving 198,000 feet beneath the sea

As an environmental leader in the seafood industry, we are passionate about these topics as well as other concerns about sustainability that will be discussed at the expo. Our company is invested in educating our partners and the public on the health benefits of sustainably harvested seafood

Our Featured Products

We’ll be showcasing our Sail and JustFish seafood lines at the expo! Our high quality Sail brand products come from more than 14 locations around the world, where they’re grown and processed under regulated controls to ensure the freshest quality!

Our JustFish products are committed to giving our customers high quality, all-natural seafood products that are sustainably sourced from the world’s most favorable regions. This seafood is caught using the cleanest, most eco-friendly methods possible and is delivered with no added ingredients so you know it’s just fish every time. 

We also take pride in our involvement with events in the industry and organizations like Global Aquaculture Alliance, Alaska Seafood Marketing Institute, and our recent partnership with the  Sustainable Fisheries Partnership (SFP) Mexican Seafood Supply Chain Roundtable. Our mission is to deliver the highest quality seafood products at competitive prices while maintaining long-term relationships with our customers and our suppliers. 

Don’t miss out on this year’s conference—register early and get your tickets now! If you want to learn more about our premium products and our business ethics, visit our website or reach out to us at (800) 526-9066.