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Eastern Fish SAIL Brand

SAIL Brand

What began as a high-quality product from a single source has, in only a quarter century, become one of the fastest-growing brand names in the seafood industry.

In the mid-1980s, Eastern owned a company called Surinam American Imports, Ltd., (S.A.I.L.) which imported quality shrimp from waters around that South American country. Supported by a commitment to consistently high quality, full weights and proper counts, these shrimp instantly gained popularity from a then-limited retail customer offering and subsequently evolved into Eastern's premium SAIL brand.

SAIL branded product can today come from any of more than 14 locations around the globe depending upon the time of year.

What remains the same is the integrity behind the brand and the consistency of its quality. SAIL brand shrimp are packed under strict USDC Grade A guidelines. Almost every style and variety of shrimp Eastern offers is now available under the SAIL brand.

SAIL Brand farm raised shrimp is grown and processed under the strictest controls to assure the freshest quality possible. Our shrimp is produced under the highest standards of sustainable aquaculture to ensure complete traceability from the hatchery through the grow-out phase in aquaculture farms, to the facility where it is hand-processed and then frozen for its final journey to the customer.

SAIL is today responsible for more than 45% of Eastern's TOTAL retail shrimp sales and growing every year.

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