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Eastern Fish for Food Service Industry

Foodservice Industry

From international food distribution companies and regional ethnic distributors to restaurant purchasing groups, from cruise lines to food processors; Eastern is the "go to" source for quality, consistency and availability of product.

Eastern Fish Company's rise in the food service segment has been nothing less than dramatic.

Eastern's SAIL brand has become the seafood industry's gold standard for quality and consistency. Today, SAIL brand is almost universally requested-by name-by our food service clients.

Eastern has led the way in providing "value added" product to food service. Whether it's popular peeled and deveined shrimp, our shell-on variety, pre-cooked or even butterflied shrimp, because we offer these varieties in advance--you don't have to incur the time and expense of creating them. Eastern can even provide "value added" product in both farmed and wild Mexican shrimp, generally considered to be some of the best quality shrimp in the world.

Our managed inventory and supply chain management programs mean you always receive the benefits of favorable market changes and fluctuations. This helps you source incoming product, maximize profitability and ensure continuity. Eastern's sales executives create partnerships--both with our suppliers and clients--that advance everyone's interests from the beginning to the end of the supply chain.

Finally, Eastern's long-held commitment to sustainability and our long-term participation in organizations such as NFI and GAA provide reassurance to chefs and others concerned with the aquatic environment that we take environmental preservation and sustainability seriously.

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