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Managed Inventory & Replenishment Purchasing

Eastern has its fingers on the pulse of the global market on a daily basis. We know what's happening, we're aware of what's likely to happen, and we take steps to avoid potential problems while capitalizing on opportunities. Eastern's market knowledge is so comprehensive; many companies look to us to guide them on what and when to buy.

By overseeing their inventory, we help those clients capitalize on opportunistic market circumstances and profit from them.

Many of our clients have given us an unconditional green light to take advantage of attractive purchasing situations for them. Even if they don't have space to stock that additional inventory, we can warehouse that product for them in the U.S. where it can be quickly accessed and fed into their pipeline.

We also have the ability to provide Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI), which lowers costs, lightens the burden on the consumer and strengthens ties between the vendor and the customer.

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