Importing Seafood, Exporting Integrity

From Thailand to Ecuador, from Indonesia to Mexico, Eastern Fish has established relationships with suppliers eager to live up to our stringent quality controls and ethical standards.

Every seafood importer inspects product. But not all inspectors are equally proficient. We require every inspector to be thoroughly trained according to HACCP and USDC guidelines.

Dedicated and knowledgeable Eastern Fish employees are an important link in the global supply chain that ensures year-round premium, fresh, uniform product for you to offer your customers.

Former HACCP trainer for SGS Global heads our Bangkok QC office with almost 20 years of experience. Eastern's head of quality control for the Americas has 20 years of experience with HACCP QC guidelines, located in Mexico, he created and implemented an inspection and quality control program throughout the Americas based strictly upon USDC grading standards.

Equally critical - all of our plants are HAACP compliant and audited on a yearly basis and registered with the FDA. Every Eastern plant/partner is carefully chosen for their quality control protocol, plant procedures and management. All our products are packed to our specifications and inspected on-line and prior to export.

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