Our Mission

Eastern Fish seeks to deliver the highest quality seafood products at competitive prices while maintaining long-term relationships with our customers and our suppliers.
We strive to source products from only the most environmentally and socially responsible supply partners.

It Begins with a Strong Foundation


Eastern Fish Co. is built upon a foundation of deep-rooted principles. We work every day to:

  • Treat every supplier and customer with dignity, respect and unequalled service.
  • Grow strong relationships with supply partners and customers based upon integrity, trust and expertise.
  • Maintain the highest product quality and consistency standards.
  • Protect and sustain the marine environment.
  • Maximize our industry knowledge and expertise.
  • Engage in business practices that earn the trust of our customers.
  • Develop marketing solutions that provide value for those customers.

Your Global Seafood Source

Eastern Fish Co. began in 1974, primarily as a fish and crab trading company, sourcing products from Alaska and Canada. By 1982 we redirected our focus to the burgeoning farm-raised shrimp industry and began supplying fresh, consistent, premium quality shrimp. Today we are one of the world’s largest importers and marketers of shrimp.


In April of 2014, Eastern Fish took on a financial partner in Marubeni Corporation. This new partnership continues to strengthen our global programs and allows us to expand our global network to cover Japan, Europe and the U.S. We continue to have strong relationships with producers in Alaska, Asia and South America, as we cover the entire seafood supply chain from production to sales of final products. Eastern Fish Company remains a family-run and operated company.


To best serve our loyal customers, we maintain quality control offices in Thailand, Ecuador, China and Mexico, as well as sales offices in California, Florida and Massachusetts. Our international sales representative is in Belguim, and our headquarters is located in New Jersey. Because we are in a global industry, we’ve developed enduring relationships and partnerships with production, processing and packing facilities from Honduras to Thailand, from Mexico to Peru, from Ecuador to Indonesia, and in many other countries best situated to meet the demands of a global marketplace.

Let us earn your trust.