Eastern Fish Company

Eastern Fish is one of the largest importers and marketers of seafood in the world. For over 50 years, we’ve been helping our clients increase their sales and profitability with seafood solutions tailored for their business.

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SAIL began as a high-quality product from a single source and has, in only 25 years, become one of the fastest-growing brand names in the seafood industry.

Golden Harvest

Golden Harvest is committed to providing the highest quality value-added seafood products, ensuring freshness and sustainability for our customers.


JustFish is committed to bringing you high quality, all-natural seafood products, sustainably sourced from the world’s most favorable regions.

Don’t run out of seafood.

With inconsistent supply chain and economic conditions, you shouldn’t have to worry about where your seafood is coming from or if your seafood solution partner is going to be flexible enough to fit your needs, day-to-day. Market conditions change, and that’s where we get creative. We deliver seafood, you deliver profitability.

Seafood Solutions Delivered Seamlessly

Sourcing seafood is difficult enough. Allow our single-point-of-contact trusted advisors guide you through you deliveries and beyond. With our global access, a dedicated traffic department and a highly trained procurement team, it’s no wonder we’re able to import over 90,000,000 pounds of seafood into the US every year for our clients.

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We’ll discuss your seafood sourcing solution and how we can best accommodate you and your business.

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Try before you buy, and rest assured knowing we’ve got your back.

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On Time

Receive your delivery schedule and know that you’ll always have high-quality seafood, delivered on time.

Our New Dim Sum Line

Shrimp Dumpling Trio

4 Shrimp Dumplings
3 Shrimp & Chive Dumplings
3 Shrimp & Ginger Dumplings
With Ponzu Sauce

Shrimp Wontons

Crispy and flakey wontons with pieces of shrimp.

Shrimp Spring Rolls

Tender shrimp with a medley of vegetables and water chestnuts in a crispy wonton wrapper.

Shrimp Shumai

Open-top dumplings stuffed with shrimp, bream, and vegetables.

Fish & Shrimp Toast

Seafood and shrimp paste on toast encrusted with white sesame seeds.

Chef’s Corner