Sustainably Sourced Seafood,
Consistently Delivered.

JustFish, a division of the Eastern Fish Company, ensures your business never falls short on premium, sustainably caught seafood. As your dedicated partner, we promise unparalleled consistency, value, and creativity in our product offerings.

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Unyielding Sustainability

Consistent Supply

Customer Service

Stop struggling with sourcing sustainable seafood that resonates with conscious consumers, without compromising on quality, consistency, or supply.

Sustainable, Consistent, and Creative Seafood Solutions

At JustFish, we believe in forging partnerships that extend beyond mere transactions. Leveraging our five decades of experience in the seafood industry, we’re committed to driving your business success with our sustainably sourced, high-quality products.

Unyielding Sustainability Commitment

As a founding member of the Global Seafood Alliance, our sourcing practices ensure the health of our oceans and the longevity of your business. We maintain on-site employees in 16 countries, guaranteeing the sustainability and premium quality of our fish.

Guaranteed Consistent Supply

We channel our deep industry connections and expansive warehousing across the nation to deliver 90,000,000 lbs of seafood into the US annually, ensuring a reliable, uninterrupted supply for your business.

Unparalleled Customer Service

With JustFish, you’re never alone. Our dedicated procurement team and single point of contact model ensures you always have a partner to navigate market fluctuations and to inspire product creativity.

Your Trusted Seafood Partner

We understand that you rely on us. Provide us with your product specifications, and we’ll follow your guidelines.

Eastern Fish leads the way in delivering value-added product to food service providers.

To affect greater accuracy and efficiency, Eastern Fish has implemented an AS2, EDIFACT and VAN connection.

Whether you’re a food service business or a retail supermarket, we’ll help you avoid out-of-stock situations.

Ambassadors of Responsible Sourcing

Eastern Fish is a certified member of Sedex, one of the world’s leading ethical trade membership organizations, which works with businesses to sustain high-quality working conditions in global supply chains. As a member, we have committed our business to achieving and maintaining transparency within our supply chain – from raw material harvesting and transport of goods to finalized products and services.

Seafood Solutions Delivered Seamlessly

Sourcing seafood is difficult enough. Allow our single-point-of-contact trusted advisors guide you through you deliveries and beyond. With our global access, a dedicated traffic department and a highly trained procurement team, it’s no wonder we’re able to import over 90,000,000 pounds of seafood into the US every year for our clients.

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We’ll discuss your seafood sourcing solution and how we can best accommodate you and your business./span>

2. Sample Seafood

Try before you buy, and rest assured knowing we’ve got your back.

3. Receive Quality Seafood,
On Time

Receive your delivery schedule and know that you’ll always have high-quality seafood, delivered on time.

JustFish: An Eastern Fish Company

When you work with JustFish, you’re partnering with a trusted name in the seafood industry, committed to driving the sustainability agenda. You gain access to an unwaveringly consistent supply of premium seafood, creatively tailored to meet your business needs. With our single point of contact approach, we’re always ready to respond to your concerns, adapt to market conditions, and help you deliver profitability for your business. It’s not just about fish – it’s about forging a partnership for success.