Eastern Fish works with multiple sourcing partners all over the world so we can provide you with a consistent, year-round supply of quality shrimp.


Freshly harvested and frozen at the source, Eastern Fish provides superior bay scallops, sea scallops and all-natural scallops for your enjoyment.


Fully cooked and ready to eat, IQF snow crab and king crab are a delicacy for any meal.

Other Products

Whether you are looking for sweet, succulent lobster, savory tilapia or squid, Eastern Fish is your go-to source.

SAIL Brand


What began as a high-quality product from a single source has quickly become one of the fastest-growing brand names in the seafood industry. Today, SAIL Brand products come from more than 14 locations around the globe, where they’re grown and processed under strict controls to ensure the freshest quality.


It all started in the mid-1980s, when Eastern Fish owned Suriname American Imports, Ltd. (S.A.I.L.), which imported quality shrimp from waters around the South American country. Supported by a commitment to quality, consistency, full weights and proper counts, these shrimp instantly gained popularity and subsequently evolved into Eastern Fish’s premium SAIL Brand.

Premium Quality Seafood.