How to Enjoy Seafood and Meat on the Same Plate

How to Enjoy Seafood and Meat on the Same Plate

When it comes to planning meals, one popular combination to use is surf and turf. This provides you with the best of both worlds because your meal will include fresh fish and hearty meat. There are so many different ways you can create this type of dish that you never have to have the same thing twice.


Shrimp and Steak

Among the most common surf and turf choices are shrimp and steak. The natural sweetness of shrimp provides a perfect balance with the rich flavor of a good steak. This dish is appealing to the eyes because the burst of pink color from the shrimp stands out against the medium to the dark brown of the steak.

You can choose whatever type of steak you prefer, but a common pairing with shrimp is filet-mignon due to its tender texture. When it comes to choosing the shrimp, colossal is the best size for this type of meal. While placing shrimp and steak on a plate makes for a nice presentation, you can also enjoy them in shish kebab form.


Lobster Tails and Steak

If shrimp isn’t your favorite type of seafood, you may prefer that your surf and turf meal be made up of lobster tails and steak. For the best possible quality meal, consider pairing Atlantic cold water lobster tails with a broiled steak. You can season the lobster tails according to your taste preferences.


Scallops and Steak

Another delicious surf and turf meal is scallops and steak. The reason for this is that the soft flakiness of scallops balances out the tough thickness of the typical steak used in this type of dish. While scallops don’t pair well with filet mignon, they do pair well with a strip steak because they are both butter-y. This dish is best prepared by searing the scallops and steak.


Crab Cakes and Fillet

To take your surf and turf meal in a completely different direction, consider making crab cakes and fillets. The tenderness of the fillet pairs well with the heartiness of jumbo lump crab cakes. Both should be prepared in a skillet on the stove, and the crab cakes should be fully defrosted first.

These are just some of the delicious ways you can add surf and turf to your menu. Check out our website for more recipe ideas or take a look at our Golden Harvest line—bringing savory culinary trends from the sea to the table.