Deep Dive: Wild Mexican Shrimp

Deep Dive: Wild Mexican Shrimp

Since its creation 1974, Eastern Fish has prided itself on bringing the best seafood around the world to your dinner table. While we provide a vast array of fish and seafood to stores and restaurants throughout the United States, our most popular product is our shrimp selection. Today, we want to take a closer look at our world-famous SAIL Brand: product, Wild Mexican Shrimp!

Location and Taste

Caught off the Pacific Coast of Mexico, the Wild Mexican Shrimp is a species known for its darker color and plumpness, with individual shrimp growing up to 7.9 inches long. Because of their low-salt environment, the Wild Mexican Shrimp does not have the same salty taste as other shrimp. It actually has a much sweeter taste and milder texture, which makes them the perfect choice for families who are not well-versed in the different styles of shrimp. When used in soups, the Wild Mexican Shrimp absorbs the tastes and nuances of the broth better than most, enhancing the meal with its rich mix of flavors.

Sorting Wild Mexican Shrimp

Although they are a single species, Wild Mexican Shrimp come in “blue” and “white” colors. Like all other kinds of shrimp across the globe, the color of an individual prawn is determined by the color of its environment. Shrimp in sandy areas will take on a brighter color due to the bright sand, while shrimp in deeper waters will take on a grayer or darker palette. While catching them, our fishing boats separate the shrimp based on the pigment of the shells, providing more uniformity in shrimp packaging. No matter its color, though, each package of Wild Mexican Shrimp is guaranteed to have the bold and fresh taste that Eastern Fish delivers with all our goods.

If you are interested in adding Wild Mexican Shrimp to your business’s menu and supply lists, call Eastern Fish Company today at 1-800-526-9066 or contact us via email at to begin selling the best shrimp on the East Coast.