Eastern Fish’s New Ready-to-Cook Seafood Dishes Make Fine Dining at Home Easy

Have you ever arrived home at the end of a busy day and told yourself you don’t feel like cooking? How about standing in a busy grocery store staring at a multitude of options and being overwhelmed?

We’ve all been through it. Anything that can make meal preparation easier would be of benefit, right?

Well luckily, Eastern Fish Company has added a new product line that will make enjoying fresh, sustainably sourced and healthy seafood as simple as ordering takeout.

Let’s learn more about these ready-to-cook premium handmade seafood items.

Bringing The Restaurant Experience Home

Alongside our top-of-the-line seafood brands (SAIL, Just Fish, and Golden Harvest), we are now proud to offer new oven-ready seafood options. Just take it out of the package, bake it, and pair it with your own healthy side dish.

Perfectly Seasoned Salmon Burgers

Our Wild Alaskan Sockeye Salmon Burgers are seasoned to perfection and made with only the best ingredients. The tasty flavors in our lineup include Teriyaki, Bacon Cheddar, Seasoned Grill, and Florentine.

Hand-Stuffed Seafood Filets

Crafted with small batches of handmade breading, these stuffed fish filets have a unique flavor profile that appeals to even the most sophisticated palates.

Delicately Hand-Crafted Salmon Pinwheels

Hand-rolled, farm-raised salmon pinwheels are made with spinach, cheese blends and roasted peppers to create a mouthwatering flavor.

These unique items add a taste of fine cuisine without the added cost of takeout.

We Love Giving You Options

Whether you’re reading this as a consumer, grocery store supplier, or food distributor, we know these new offerings are likely very exciting. Among our fine products, SAIL, Just Fish, and Golden Harvest, we provide a variety of shellfish such as crab and shrimp.

Protecting the Environment Through Our Work

It’s part of our mission to protect our earth as much as possible. Our goals include providing the best quality of seafood to our customers to help ensure a healthy world.

Discover Our Brands

Three of the world’s most prestigious seafood brands, as well as numerous private label brands, are supplied by our company. Our seafood produces some of the most delectable meals you’ve ever had.

Integrity in Our Business Practices

The integrity with which we conduct business is of the utmost importance to us at Eastern Fish. We are members of the Global Seafood Alliance (GSA) and the National Fisheries Institute (NFI), two of the most prestigious industry organizations.Our producers are also certified by the Best Aquaculture Practices (BAP) and the Aquaculture Stewardship Council (ASC) which allows us to maintain the highest standards for our seafood.

Get your hands on our new ready-made seafood – get in touch!