How Eastern Fish Ensures Product Quality with HACCP

The significance of food safety and quality has drastically increased in recent years most likely due to consumers becoming more knowledgeable about the foods they eat. At Eastern Fish, you can be rest assured that quality guides every step of our operations, which includes the quality of our food and safety procedures.

Here is a quick guide on how Eastern Fish secures the safety and taste of our products using HACCP.

What is HACCP?

Hazardous Analysis and Critical Control Points , or HACCP, is a system of principles and procedures that protects food products from biological, chemical, or physical contaminants.

Although HACCP is used today mostly by restaurants and in procedures for food safety and inspection, the principles of HACCP are implemented in a variety of industries, including the military (with the system rumored to have been introduced in WWII) and NASA— including forming astronaut diets.

What are the Steps in HACCP?

HACCP is an in-depth process and includes several checkpoints to ensure food is secure and that the safety measures in place are effective. The steps to HACCP are:

  1. Conduct a Hazard Analysis: “Is our food production process safe?”
  2. Identify Critical Control Points: “At what steps are our products most at-risk?”
  3. Establish Critical Limits: “What risk levels must we stay under?”
  4. Monitor Critical Control Points: “What are we using to stay safe in these areas?”
  5. Establish Corrective Actions: “If we discover a risk what can we do to fix it?”
  6. Establish Verification Procedures: “Are our safety plans actually working?”
  7. Establish Record Keeping Procedures: “How do we track food safety & quality?”


This seven-step system ensures that any threats to a food product’s health are swiftly determined, removed, and monitored for recurrence going forward.

How Does HACCP Affect You?

Eastern Fish is dedicated to providing our clients with only the freshest and cleanest seafood products to serve in stores and we take the cleanliness of our catches seriously with our own in-house HACCP processes.

Every fish, shrimp, crab, or other sea creature that is supplied to our customers are inspected twice by our team of certified experts for any imperfections that may impact our client’s health or meal-time experience.

Searching for a seafood meal that tastes as good as it looks? Reach out to our team of Culinary Safety Experts today by calling Eastern Fish at (800) 526-9066 or browse our website to learn more about all of our industry-leading safety precautions.