Understanding Why Shrimp is the Most Popular Seafood Today

2020 has been full of ups and downs, but the shrimp industry isn’t losing any steam! Shrimp is a staple feature in diets all over the world and more people want to bring this delicious food to their dinner table.

Read on to discover how shrimp is dominating the seafood industry.

Shrimp Are More Popular Than Ever!

Year over year, the United States is the single largest purchaser of shrimp, and that purchasing number is only going up.

In the last 5 years, shrimp sales volume increased from 275 million pounds to 415 million. The percentage of households buying fish has also increased from 44.2% to 48.6%. This growth is seen in all areas of the country!

What Do Families Love About Shrimp?

It’s Affordable: As catch volumes have increased across the world, shrimp has seen a steady decline in price here in the U.S., with the price per pound down from $8.55 in 2014 to $7.40 in 2019.

It’s Versatile: Viewed as an accessible luxury food, shrimp is an excellent meal option for families. Shrimp can be enjoyed as an appetizer, snack, main course, or side dish. Shrimp is a great addition to many popular favorites as it’s easy to toss some shrimp into a creamy pasta, or grill up some prawns to top your preferred cut of steak.

It’s Delicious: But above all, the main reason why people are buying more shrimp is that they taste so good! Whether you’re grilling shrimp on the barbecue or enjoying a cool shrimp cocktail, shrimp is a great addition to any summer evening.

Shrimp sales have been an all-new high in 2020, and that number is only expected to go up. If you want your business to get in on the success, call our team at Eastern Fish today at (201) 801-0800 to place your order for the world’s favorite seafood.