What Makes Mexican Shrimp Unique?

Raise your hand if you love the taste of juicy shrimp! Shrimp is a staple in many seafood-based diets, and for good reason—it’s delicious, incredibly versatile, and affordable, making it a great choice for families. Read on to learn more about Mexican shrimp.

Delicious, Plump, Pacific Shrimp

Mexico is known for its beautiful beaches along both the Pacific Ocean, and the Gulf of Mexico. This particular variety of shrimp is found along the Pacific coast, and are known for their dark color and full shape—each shrimp can grow up to nearly 8 inches in length! Wild Mexican shrimp have a sweet taste and a soft texture, largely due to the high salinity of Mexican coast.

Wild Mexican shrimp are the perfect choice for any recipe, especially soups. They soak up the taste of the broth, giving your dish a richer flavor. Shrimp are a great source of nutrients, including potassium, carbohydrates, calcium, and iron.

Ethically Sourced Seafood

At Eastern Fish, we know how important it is to source seafood sustainably. Our pledge to provide ethically sourced seafood goes beyond simply obeying environmental laws and regulations. Our own Larry Drazba is on the traceability committee, and is involved in finding ways to guarantee the legality of all seafood products imported into the US from members of the Mexican Shrimp Council.

The Mexican Government is beginning to take the steps necessary to have “comparable” fishing methods between the US and Mexico in an effort to return to the good graces of the environmental community. The participation of the Mexican Navy in helping to control illegal fishing is a key element of the improved fishing environment.

The Mexican Shrimp Council is strengthening efforts to enforce and document the export of only legal fisheries products, including only working in plants that have had third-party audits.

The Upcoming Season

As we head into the upcoming shrimp season, we’re excited to continue working with the Mexican Shrimp Council to source high quality, sustainable seafood. Wild Mexican shrimp volumes are difficult to judge since they vary from beach to beach, but we are already getting our Value Added products worked for delivery and we expect to complete all orders this year.

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